58″ 48# HARDCORE Recurve

Crazy Good ZebraWood


Wow! This bow offers fabulous good looks with equally fabulous shooting qualities.

We started with a core slab of stabilizing black Micarta, sandwiched it between two outer layers of premium ZebraWood with incredible contrasts and striping throughout. We then handscaped into our curvaceous 17″ handle, unearthing the great grains of this ZebraWood. Illuminating the handle back is the golden glow of Mappa Burl atop Etimoe sandwich betwixt two layers of Black Micarta. 

The undulating patterns of Etimoe adorn high-performing recurve limbs fitted with our dual-bolt attachment system for precision alignment and powerhouse performance.  Limb tips feature four layers of Mappa Burl atop Etimoe sandwiched betwixt Black Micarta. A plethora of color and contrast for one beautiful looker, beautiful shooter!