58″ 48# HARDCORE Recurve

HardCore Shedua

We’ve crafted this recurve especially for our left-handed shooters with the same legendary Bob Lee grip comfort as our right-hand designs. We start with a core slab of stabilizing black Micarta, sandwich it between two outer layers of our select Exotic African Shedua, then handshaped it to create revelation points at each curve throughout our abbreviated 17″ handle. Accenting the handle back is White Oak Burl alternating with Black Micarta. 

Our recurve limbs are sporting a dynamic spliced limb/dual design merging Spalted Maple and Bubinga on the belly of the limbs, with exceptional White Oak Burl on the back. Fitted with our renowned Stabi-Lock™ attachment system, this recurve boasts precision alignment and powerhouse performance.  Limb tips feature four layers of White Oak Burl sandwiched betwixt Black Micarta. PLEASE NOTE: The price here has been discounted for slight blemishing on the limbs (see photos). These do not affect the integrity of the bow and the full warranty applies. 



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