56″ 54# DARKHART Recurve

Accents Abound

This short bow features our 17″ handle crafted from a double dose of our best exotics – African Shedua on the black and Bubinga on the heel. 

To join this blessed union we’ve added a special center striping featuring our dynamic marquetry pattern of Maple and Shedua encased in black Micarta. Further embellishments on the handle back feature four layers of heavily-eyed Mappa Burl atop honey-hued Oak Burl framed in black Micarta.

DUAL-FACED limbs are sporting heavily-patterned Mappa Burl on the belly side and the deep brown mottled hues of Oak Burl on the belly side. Our exclusive double-bolt, double-pin attachment system ensures the utmost in limb alignment.

PLEASE NOTE: The Shedua in this handle has natural mineral deposits (as shown in the handle pics here). These are considered highly-desirable by some, notsomuch by others. But rest assured, this has no effect on the strength or integrity of the handle.