56″ 54# BLACKHAWK Recurve

Short and Sweet

Our latest creation is our 15″ short handle, carefully crafted to feature our legendary fall-into-the-hand recurve grip in a very compact package. Handfinished from a solid chunk of black linen-based Micarta, this bow is short but stout! 

This buildout features our high-performance recurve limbs showcasing the intricate, varied grain and character of Olive Ash Burl under clear glass. Limb caps are faced in the deep and dark swirls of Walnut Burl, offering great contrast to the golden limb veneer. Limb tips are layered in Walnut Burl on the top layer, with a triple layer of Olive Ash Burl sitting atop Black Micarta. Highly-maneuverable in the stand, brush or blind!