54″ 56# HARDCORE Recurve

Sporty Shorty

This is our shortest bow length, and at 54″ it is a highly-maneuverable recurve that packs a powerful punch.

We’ve sandwiched a mighty slab of stabilizing black Micarta between two outer layers of Sage Green ActionWood, then handshaped it into our curvaceous handle – unearthing the intricate hues and layers beneath in a bullseye effect here and there. Accenting the handle back is Green ActionWood alternating with Black Micarta in a four-layer embellishment.

The green theme continues onto our power-packed recurve limbs that have been upgraded to our renowned Stabi-Lock™ limb attachment system, delivering the maximum performance and quietness.  Tips are layered in Green Actionwood alternating with Black Micarta. Short on stature but super beefy on the release!



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